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Title:Australian Ethical Investment Headquarters, 6 Star Green Star Office Refurbishment, Canberra
Author:Kevin Miller
Snippet:CAS 50 - The refurbishment of Trevor Pearcey House for the new Australian Ethical Investment Headquarters was designed by Collard Clarke Jackson Architects and in 2007 was the first building in ...

Title:Residential Retrofitting: Current Practice and Emerging Directions – Summary of a BEIIC Report
Author:M Dave, D Prasad
Snippet:GEN 86 - Residential buildings account for around 13 per cent of the Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions, and numerous studies have identified energy efficiency in residential buildings as on...

Title:40 Albert Road, South Melbourne: Designing for Sustainable Outcomes – A Review of Design Strategies, Building Performance and Users’ Perspectives
Author:Leena Thomas and Monica Vandenberg
Snippet:CAS 45 - 40 Albert Road, a refurbished 80's building, was the first building in Australia to achieve a 6-Star Green Star rating and 5 Star NABERS water rating. Since re-opening in 2006 numerous ...

Title:Commercial Building Refurbishment – Government Programs
Author:David Oppenheim
Snippet:DES 67 - Many CBD buildings throughout Australia are reaching an age where they will soon be undertaking an intermediate, major or complete refurbishment.  In addition, studies show that si...

Title:Retrofitting Residential Buildings to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Author:Lindsay Johnston
Snippet:DES 38 - The University of Newcastle, NSW This note DES 38, originally published in August 2000, was reviewed by Lindsay Johnston in October 2005. The information herein is considered conte...

Title:Positive Development: Designing for Net Positive Impacts
Author:Janis Birkeland
Snippet:GEN 4 - This paper challenges the prevalent 'green building' design approach that treats nature as a resource rather than a living eco-system(s), and aims only to minimise the net negative impac...

Title:Office Building Retrofit at 55 St Andrews Place, Melbourne – Turning a Sparrow into a Peacock
Author:Roger Kluske and David Clark
Snippet:CAS 52 - This article describes the upgrade of an existing government building, 55 St Andrews Place in Melbourne’s Treasury Reserve, utilising an unconventional design process and with a stron...

Title:Energy Management and Occupant Well-Being through Integrated Lighting Control
Author:Steve Coyne
Snippet:TEC 16 - There are significant opportunities to effect an improvement in the energy efficiency and energy management of lighting systems in buildings through integrated lighting controls. This i...

Title:Mobile Architecture and Built Environment Laboratory (MABEL) – a Building Performance Evaluation Tool
Author:Mark B Luther and Dirk A Schwede
Snippet:DES 69 - This paper describes the Mobile Architecture and Built Environment Laboratory (MABEL) and its application for systematic building performance evaluation for compliance testing, commissi...

Title:The Armstrong-Mobbs House
Author:Michael Mobbs
Snippet:September 2011 | EDG 69 MM - The Armstrong-Mobbs Sustainable House is a celebrated case study of sustainable refurbishment of an inner-city terrace house. The owners, Michael Mobbs and Heather Ar...

Title:Designing, Managing and Retrofitting Non-Residetial Buildings to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Author:Stephen Pupilli
Snippet:DES 39 - This note, DES 39, originally published in August 2000, was reviewed by Stephen Pupilli in June 2005.   Energy consumption related to Australia's non-residential buildings...

Title:Ecological Waste: Rethinking the Nature of Waste
Author:Janis Birkeland
Snippet:GEN 6  - Professor of Architecture, Queensland University of Technology The design and construction fields have a central role to play in moving toward a 'zero waste' economy. Total resour...

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