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Title:Lighting at the New Australian Greenhouse Offices, Canberra
Author:David Oppenheim
Snippet:CAS 35 - The new Australian Greenhouse Offices in Canberra aimed to set new environmental standards, by halving the energy use and greenhouse gas emissions of a standard building, achieving a be...

Title:Integrated Design Process Incorporating Lighting
Author:Mark B. Luther
Snippet:DES 62 - This paper provides a step-by-step design and decision making process towards an energy-efficient and user accepted lighting system.  The past few decades have challenged our light...

Title:A Basic Guide to the Daylighting of Buildings
Author:Steve Coyne and Gillian Isoardi
Snippet:DES 63 - The impetus for this note largely derives from both authors' recent experiences presenting the 'Best Practices in Lighting' seminar series in mid 2004.  Many attendees raised conce...

Title:Optimising environmental performance using building performance simulation
Author:Nicki Parker, Paul Bannister, Quentin Jackson, Paul Stoller
Snippet:October 2017 | EDG 91 NP   - Computer simulation of a building’s environmental performance has been available as a technology for over 30 years, during which time the accuracy, de...

Title:Properties and Rating Systems for Glazings, Windows and Skylights (Including Atria)
Author:Peter Lyons
Snippet:PRO 32 - International research and product development has resulted from partnerships between the research community and the world's leading glass, window and skylight companies.  This has...

Title:Best Practice in Lighting — Quality and Sustainability
Author:David Oppenheim
Snippet:Aug 2004 | GEN 61 - This Note has been written to show firstly, where lighting design fits into the overall sustainability context, and secondly, to show how lighting design forms an integral pa...

Title:Daylighting of Buildings
Author:Nancy Ruck
Snippet:DES 6 - This note, DES 6, originally published in August 2000, was revised and rewritten by Nancy Ruck in August 2001. The information herein is considered contemporary and relevant. Daylighting...

Title:Double Skin Façades – More is Less?
Author:Brett Pollard
Snippet:TEC 29 - The use of double skin façades has increased significantly over the last 10 to 15 years, primarily due to the benefits attributed to them in regard to increased energy efficie...

Title:NCC Section J and Commercial Building Facade Design – 2016 update
Author:Michael Shaw
Snippet:May 2016 | EDG 86 MS - To address the growing contribution to Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions by the commercial building sector, Section J of the National Construction Code (NCC) Volume One ...

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