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Title:Residential Passive Design for Temperate Climates
Author:Gareth Cole
Snippet:February 2011 | EDG 66 GC - The primary intention of passive design is to create a thermally comfortable building with reduced demand on mechanical (active) forms of heating, air conditioning...

Title:Thermal Performance of an Energy Efficient House in a Dry Temperate Climate
Author:Elizabeth Karol and Terrance McMinn
Snippet:DES 22 - In 2003 a demonstration home was constructed by a local authority in Perth to raise public awareness of practical ways to reduce the energy needs for heating and cooling. The house was...

Title:Pemberton House, Hobart – Implementing Thermal Design Principles for Housing in a Cool Temperate Climate
Author:Detlev Geard
Snippet:CAS 49 - This case study looks at the passive heating design principles adopted in a Tasmanian House, discusses the designers consideration of the interplay between solar aperture, insulation an...

Title:Designing User-Friendly Passive Buildings
Author:Ania Hampton
Snippet:EDG 67 AH - Passive design is a fundamental feature of good building design. Going further than just good orientation and fabric design, designers are looking to integrate natural ventilation...

Title:Thermal Comfort in School Buildings in the Tropics
Author:Kerrie Prescott
Snippet:DES 42 - In the mid 1990's the 'need' to mechanically air condition school buildings became a political issue in North Queensland. Research suggests that school children are susceptible to heat ...

Title:Post-Occupancy Evaluation of Passive Downdraft Evaporative Cooling and Air Conditioned Buildings at the Torrent Research Centre, Ahmedabad, India
Author:Leena Thomas and George Baird
Snippet:CAS 42 - Post occupancy evaluations of buildings are noted for their ability to provide vital feedback regarding a building's performance in use.  In addition to obtaining physical measurem...

Title:Passivhaus: The pathway to low energy buildings in Australasia
Author:Clare Parry
Snippet:May 2017 | EDG 89 CP - The Passivhaus, or Passive House, standard is a rigorous, voluntary and performance-based standard, with fundamental objectives of thermal comfort and energy efficiency...

Title:Phase Change Materials – Overview
Author:Phil Sheppard
Snippet:TEC 20 - Centre for Sustainable Engineering, UK This paper introduces phase change materials (PCMs) as an alternative energy storage methodology to current latent heat exchange systems commonly...

Title:Climate Responsive Design: Cooling Systems for Hot Arid Climates
Author:Emilis Prelgauskas
Snippet:EDG 65 EP - In hot arid climates, cooling is the dominant need in order to attain comfort. In this paper, architect Emilis Prelgauskas highlights the natural forces (wind, solar gain, moisture...

Title:Adaptive Comfort: Passive Design for Active Occupants
Author:Christhina Candido
Snippet:EDG 69 CC - The adaptive model of thermal comfort shifts attention from engineered comfort solutions to architectural ones. As the concept of adaptive comfort displaces the old static model, arc...

Title:Natural Ventilation in Passive Design
Author:Richard Aynsley
Snippet:August 2014 | EDG 80 RA - This Note provides a background introduction to the lost art of designing for natural ventilation, and discusses some of the more useful rules of thumb. It considers th...

Title:Santos Headquarters, Adelaide – 5 Star Green Star CBD Office Tower
Author:Chris Watkins, Christie Medhurst and Graham Dyus
Snippet:CAS 51 - Santos Headquarters was the first building in South Australia to achieve both the 5 Star Green Star Office Design and the 5 Star Green Star Office As-Built certified ratings. It also ac...

Title:Planning and Design for Bushfire Protection
Author:Nigel Bell
Snippet:DES 55 - Bushfires are a natural part of Australian landscape ecology.  However increasing pressure is being placed on building design professionals to be proactive in planning, design and ...

Title:Australian Ethical Investment Headquarters, 6 Star Green Star Office Refurbishment, Canberra
Author:Kevin Miller
Snippet:CAS 50 - The refurbishment of Trevor Pearcey House for the new Australian Ethical Investment Headquarters was designed by Collard Clarke Jackson Architects and in 2007 was the first building in ...

Title:Passivhaus in Australia
Author:Clare Parry
Snippet:May 2014 | EDG 79 CP - The Passivhaus, or Passive House, standard is a rigorous, voluntary and performance-based standard for energy efficiency in a building. Originally from central Eur...

Title:The Prasad House
Author:Deo Prasad
Snippet:September 2011 | EDG 69 DP - The design of the Prasad house renovation evolved from a fusion of the owners’ commitment to green design, the needs of the occupants, and a staged experimental a...

Title:The Climate-Adaptive Vernacular Architecture of Asia-Pacific
Author:Carol Marra
Snippet:May 2011 | EDG 67 CM - Carol Marra This note is based on research undertaken as part of a Churchill Fellowship, which included field study in Vigan City, the Philippines; Fujian, China; and Centr...

Title:Circulating Fans for Summer and Winter Comfort and Indoor Energy Efficiency
Author:Richard Aynsley
Snippet:November 2007 | TEC 25 - Circulating fans are defined as a class of axial propeller fans, generally without an enclosing housing, and used for circulating air in a space. The energy-efficiency of...

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