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Title:Users' Perceptions of Health and Productivity in Sustainable Buildings
Author:George Baird and Hedda Ooosterhoff
Snippet:GEN 33 - Users of a range of commercial and institutional buildings in eleven countries have been surveyed to understand their perceptions of the performance of a range of factors – oper...

Title:Applying the Adaptive Model of Comfort
Author:Dr Mark B Luther and Assoc Prof Richard de Dear
Snippet:DES 57 - This note is directed to one major aspect of the comfort of building occupants – namely, thermal comfort.  Even though it may be difficult to isolate thermal sensations from the ...

Title:The Erskine Building, Canterbury University, Christchurch – A Case Study of Building Performance
Author:George Baird
Snippet:CAS 56 - George Baird, author of Sustainable Buildings in Practice – What the Users Think, presents a post-occupancy evaluation of Canterbury University’s Erskine Building. Although it has b...

Title:Designing User-Friendly Passive Buildings
Author:Ania Hampton
Snippet:EDG 67 AH - Passive design is a fundamental feature of good building design. Going further than just good orientation and fabric design, designers are looking to integrate natural ventilation...

Title:Drivers of Energy and Water Efficiency in Commercial Office Buildings
Author:Paul Bannister
Snippet:DES 79 - This paper summarises a study that looked at the factors that influence both energy and water efficiency for commercial office buildings. Using NABERS ratings for both of these, compa...

Title:An Introduction to Building Energy Performance Software
Author:Mark Luther
Snippet:DES 21 - The purpose of this note is to introduce and highlight the capabilities of energy performance software to the novice user. Although the note does not explain in detail the fundamental d...

Title:Sustainable Water Use – Efficient then Effective
Author:Cynthia Mitchell, Andrea Turner and Stuart White
Snippet:DES 27 - Sustainable water systems will meet water service needs at the lowest cost to society and with the lowest environmental impact through maximising water use efficiency first, then maximi...

Title:Economics of Sustainable Building
Author:Caroline J Mackley
Snippet:GEN 44 - Senior Cost Planner – Sustainable Development, Bov This note discusses the economics of sustainable design and development strategies, as it relates to built facilities in Australia....

Title:AccuRate: 2nd Generation Nationwide House Energy Rating Software
Author:Tony Isaacs
Snippet:DES 23 - This note, DES 23, previously described the NatHERS software and was originally published in November 1998 by John Ballinger.  The software has now been extensively upgraded ...

Title:Mobile Architecture and Built Environment Laboratory (MABEL) – a Building Performance Evaluation Tool
Author:Mark B Luther and Dirk A Schwede
Snippet:DES 69 - This paper describes the Mobile Architecture and Built Environment Laboratory (MABEL) and its application for systematic building performance evaluation for compliance testing, commissi...

Title:Windsor Court Redevelopment, Tasmania
Author:Paul Gray
Snippet:DES 47 - Project Consultant, Housing Tasmania Windsor Court in Harrington Street, Hobart was, in Tasmanian terms a large, high density 105 unit complex. The Tasmanian Government’s decision to...

Title:Persuasive Design and Building User Engagement
Author:Gerard Healey
Snippet:EDG 66 GH - To perform well, buildings require not only good design and construction but also good operation – and designers cannot dismiss operation as the solely the responsibility of occ...

Title:Urban Development, Accessibility and Transport in Australia – Facing the Sustainability Challenge
Author:Dr Jan Scheurer
Snippet:GEN 45 - ISTP, Murdoch University This note addresses accessibility and transport issues associated with urban development.  There are clear sustainability challenges associated with urban...

Title:Post-Occupancy Evaluation of Passive Downdraft Evaporative Cooling and Air Conditioned Buildings at the Torrent Research Centre, Ahmedabad, India
Author:Leena Thomas and George Baird
Snippet:CAS 42 - Post occupancy evaluations of buildings are noted for their ability to provide vital feedback regarding a building's performance in use.  In addition to obtaining physical measurem...

Title:Bushfires and Building – An Introduction
Author:Nigel Bell
Snippet:GEN 53 - Bushfires have long been an integral part of the Australian landscape ecology, with a unique symbiosis between plants, soils and fire.  Whilst the aboriginal people used fire as pa...

Title:Integrated Design Process Incorporating Lighting
Author:Mark B. Luther
Snippet:DES 62 - This paper provides a step-by-step design and decision making process towards an energy-efficient and user accepted lighting system.  The past few decades have challenged our light...

Title:Adjusting Building Thermostats for Environmental Gains – Understanding the Issues
Author:Rosemary Kennedy, Wendy Miller, Jennifer Summerville, Maree Heffernan and Susan Loh
Snippet:DES 71  - DES 71: - ; and DES 72: Adjusting Building Thermostats for Environmental Gains – A Pilot Study This summary covers both of these companion papers. There has been increasing ...

Title:Adjusting Building Thermostats for Environmental Gains – A Pilot Study
Author:Rosemary Kennedy, Wendy Miller, Jennifer Summerville, Maree Heffernan and Susan Loh
Snippet:DES 72  - DES 71: Adjusting Building Thermostats for Environmental Gains – Understanding the Issues; and DES 72: - This summary covers both of these companion papers. There has been...

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