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Title:Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)
Author:Mark Snow and Deo Prasad
Snippet:EDG 68 MS - This note deals with architectural issues associated with photovoltaic (PV) power systems integrated into building design. It follows on from EDG note TEC 4, ‘Photovoltaic Cells ...

Title:The Legal Right to Solar Access
Author:Adrian Bradbrook
Snippet:EDG 68 AB - The extent to which the law recognises and protects the right of solar access to solar collectors will determine in a large measure the extent to which people are prepared to outlay...

Title:Protecting Against Solar UVR
Author:John Greenwood
Snippet:GEN 35 - This note GEN 35, originally published in November 2000, was reviewed by John Greenwood in September 2005. This paper examines the issue of solar ultraviolet radiation (UVR) and its im...

Title:Pemberton House, Hobart – Implementing Thermal Design Principles for Housing in a Cool Temperate Climate
Author:Detlev Geard
Snippet:CAS 49 - This case study looks at the passive heating design principles adopted in a Tasmanian House, discusses the designers consideration of the interplay between solar aperture, insulation an...

Title:Solar Hot Water
Author:Mick Harris
Snippet:EDG 68 MH - Solar water heating is increasingly the preferred water heating option for new homes and retrofits. Whether mandated by government or specified by clients, solar hot water is someth...

Title:EDG 76 AuSES 3 - A Solar Atlas for Tasmania
Author:AuSES (December 2012)
Snippet:EDG 76 AuSES 3 - This note was prepared by the Tasmanian Branch of the Australian Solar Energy Society (AuSES), with cartography by Dawn Hendrick. It presents data on the annual cycles of ...

Title:Photovoltaic Cells – How They Work
Author:Muriel Watt
Snippet:TEC 4 - Energy analyst and photovoltaics (PV) lecturer Muriel Watt provides an up-to-date overview of PV technology and markets in Australia. Watt shows that new technologies and lower costs hav...

Title:Thermal Performance of an Energy Efficient House in a Dry Temperate Climate
Author:Elizabeth Karol and Terrance McMinn
Snippet:DES 22 - In 2003 a demonstration home was constructed by a local authority in Perth to raise public awareness of practical ways to reduce the energy needs for heating and cooling. The house was...

Title:The Prasad House
Author:Deo Prasad
Snippet:September 2011 | EDG 69 DP - The design of the Prasad house renovation evolved from a fusion of the owners’ commitment to green design, the needs of the occupants, and a staged experimental a...

Title:Construction Details for Cool Temperate Climates
Author:AuSES (December 2012)
Snippet:EDG 76 AuSES 1 - This note was prepared by Robert McGregor of the Tasmanian Branch of the Australian Solar Energy Society (AuSES). It outlines the appropriate detailing for Tasmania’s co...

Title:EDG 76 AuSES 2 - Thermal Mass for Cool Temperate Climates
Author:AuSES (December 2012)
Snippet:EDG 76 AuSES 2 - This note was prepared by Detlev Geard of the Tasmanian Branch of the Australian Solar Energy Society (AuSES). It makes recommendations as to the application of thermal ma...

Title:Climate Responsive Design: Cooling Systems for Hot Arid Climates
Author:Emilis Prelgauskas
Snippet:EDG 65 EP - In hot arid climates, cooling is the dominant need in order to attain comfort. In this paper, architect Emilis Prelgauskas highlights the natural forces (wind, solar gain, moisture...

Title:Residential Passive Design for Temperate Climates
Author:Gareth Cole
Snippet:February 2011 | EDG 66 GC - The primary intention of passive design is to create a thermally comfortable building with reduced demand on mechanical (active) forms of heating, air conditioning...

Title:Lighting at the New Australian Greenhouse Offices, Canberra
Author:David Oppenheim
Snippet:CAS 35 - The new Australian Greenhouse Offices in Canberra aimed to set new environmental standards, by halving the energy use and greenhouse gas emissions of a standard building, achieving a be...

Title:Low-energy hot water systems
Author:Noy Hildebrand
Snippet:December 2015 | EDG 83 NH - Water heating accounts for around a quarter of household energy use in Australia. Low-energy water heating systems can reduce energy used for heating water by 60 to 80 per ...

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