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CAS 39

Kelvin Grove Urban Village

Andrew Hammond

Kelvin Grove Urban Village is the first inner-city development of its kind in Australia. It is a master-planned community that demonstrates best practice in sustainable, mixed-use urban development, and brings together educational, residential, health, retail, recreational and business opportunities.  From the outset, the Queensland Department of Housing and Queensland University of Technology saw this project as an opportunity to demonstrate the three dimensions of sustainability – environmental, economic and social, all within the constraints of an inner city context. The delivery of sustainability has been the focus through site acquisition (1999), master planning (2000), infrastructure design and construction (2001 – 2003), building design and construction (2002 – present), and management (2003 – present).  In 2004 a review of the project was undertaken.  The Integrated Master Plan refined the vision and focused on ongoing management and implementation. I t will deliver the fourth dimension of sustainable development – the creation of a successful place and vibrant community at Kelvin Grove Urban Village.

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