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DES - Design Strategies

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Full list of Design Strategy papers

DES 1 A Participatory Approach to Energy Efficient Design
David Oppenheim (May 1995, reviewed Aug 2000)

DES 2 Revisiting Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings
Deo Prasad, Shailja Chandra and Matt Fisher (May 95, reviewed Feb 03)

DES 3  Design Considerations for the Australian Alps
Beau B. Beza  (May 2008)

DES 4 Thermal Mass in Building Design
David Baggs and Neal Mortensen (Aug 95, reviewed May 06)

DES 5 Sustainable Design – A Client Briefing
Lorina Nervegna (Aug 95, reviewed May 06)
DES 6 Daylighting of Buildings

Nancy Ruck (Nov 95, revised Aug 01, reviewed Aug 04)

DES 11 Water Sensitive Urban Design – the Journey Thus Far

Tony H F Wong (Aug 07)

DES 13 An Introduction to Water Sensitive Design
Tim Waldock (Nov 96, reviewed Nov 01)

DES 14 Design Solutions for Water Efficiency
Tim Waldock (Nov 96, reviewed Nov 01)
DES 15 Planning for Transit Oriented Development in Australian Cities
Peter Newman (Nov 07)

DES 16 Sustainable Metropolitan Transport – Design Strategies
David Engwicht (Aug 06)

DES 17 Cohousing – An Introduction to a Residential Alternative
Greg Bamford (Feb 08)

DES 18 Cohousing and Rethinking the Neighbourhood: The Australian Context
Greg Bamford and Lea Lennon (May 2008)  

DES 21 An Introduction to Building Energy Performance Software
Mark B Luther (May 98, reviewed May 04)

DES 22 Thermal Energy Performance of an Energy Efficient House in a Dry Temperate Climate
Elizabeth Karol and Terrance McMinn (February 2009)

DES 23 AccuRate – Second Generation Nationwide House Energy Rating Software

Tony Issacs (Nov 98, revised May 05)

DES 24 On-site Domestic Wastewater Treatment and Reuse
Phillip Geary, David Stafford and Joe Whitehead (Nov 03, revised Feb 05)

DES 25 Green Building
Engineers Australia (Jun 99, reviewed Feb 05)

DES 26 Comparing Simulated to Actual Energy Consumption in Two Office Buildings

Annie Egan (May 2009)

DES 27 Sustainable Water Use – Efficient then Effective
Cynthia Mitchell, Andrea Turner and Stuart White (Feb 05, reviewed Aug 05)

DES 29 Low-Energy Design in the United Arab Emirates–Drivers and Urban Design Principles
Peter St.Clair (February 2009)

DES 30 Low-Energy Design in the United Arab Emirates–Building Design Principles
Peter St.Clair (February 2009)  

DES 31 Design for Disassembly – Themes and Principles
Philip Crowther (Nov 99, reviewed Nov 04, revised Aug 05)

DES 32 The Shade Audit by NSW Cancer Council
J Greenwood, GP Soulos and ND Thomas (May 00, reviewed May 05)

DES 34 Building Energy Brief for Commercial and Public Buildings
Sustainable Energy Authority (May 00, reviewed May 05)
DES 35 Building Materials Selection – Greenhouse Strategies
Graham Treloar and Roger Fay (Aug 00, reviewed Aug 05)

DES 37 Energy Systems, Appliances and Equipment
Alan Pears (Aug 00, reviewed Aug 05)

DES 38 Retrofitting Residential Buildings to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emission
Lindsay Johnston (Aug 00, reviewed Nov 05)

DES 39 Designing, Managing and Retrofitting Non-Residential Buildings to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Stephen Pupilli (Aug 00, reviewed Aug 05)

DES 40 Planting Guidelines for Public Spaces

Marten Finger and Geoff Edwards (Nov 00, reviewed Nov 05)

DES 42 Thermal Comfort in School Buildings in the Tropics
Kerrie Prescott (May 01)

DES 44 Stormwater – Strategies for Use
Peter Coombes and George Kuczera (Nov 01)

DES 46 The Impact of Transport on Urban Forms

Andrea Olszewski (May 02)

DES 47 Windsor Court Redevelopment, Tasmania
Paul Gray (Aug 02)

DES 48 Contributing to ESD Through Landscape Planning, Design and Management

Cathrin Bull (Aug 02)

DES 49 Building Services Systems – An Integrated Design Approach to Building Performance
M Colomban, M Zobec and M Kragh (Aug 02)

DES 50 Sustainability and Urban Containment
Victor Sposito (Nov 02)

DES 51 Catchment Management – Building Catchment Communities to Deliver Integrated Natural Resource Management
Hedley Thomson (Feb 03)

DES 52 Erosion and Sediment Control
Grant Witheridge (Feb 03)

DES 53 Roof and Facade Gardens
Darren Holloway, Peter Ho and Boyd Boxshall (Feb 03)

DES 55 Planning and Design for Bushfire Protection
Nigel Bell (May 03)

DES 56 Birds and Buildings
John Gelder (Aug 03)

DES 57 Applying the Adaptive Model of Comfort
Mark B Luther and Richard de Dear (Aug 03)

Stephen Thorpe and Peter May (Nov 03)

DES 60  Evaluating Advanced Facade Systems for Commercial Buildings

PC Thomas and Leena Thomas (May 04)

DES 61 Artificial Lighting Design Techniques — Sustainability by Quality Design
Peter McLean (Aug 04)

DES 62 Integrated Design Process Incorporating Lighting
Mark B Luther (Aug 04)

DES 63 A Basic Guide to the Daylighting of Buildings

Steve Coyne and Gillian Isoardi (Nov 04)

DES 64 Design Guide and Principles for the Visual Assessment and Design of Wind Farms
Dennis N Williamson (May 05)

DES 65 Affordable Housing – Design Strategies
Roger Fay (Aug 05)

DES 66 Vegetation and Habitat Conservation – a Strategic Framework
Victor Sposito (Feb 06)

DES 67 Commercial Building Refurbishment – Government Programs
David Oppenheim (Feb 06)

DES 68 An Ecological Design Strategy for the Planning and Development of Healthy Urban

Allen Kearns, Guy Barnett and Andrew Nolan

DES 69 Mobile Architecture and Built Environment Laboratory (MABEL) – a Building Performance Evaluation Tool
Mark B Luther and Dirk A Schwede

DES 70 Sustainability Rating Tools – A snapshot study
Dr Usha Iyer-Raniga and Kendra Wasiluk

DES 71  Adjusting Building Thermostats for Environmental Gains – Understanding the Issues
Rosemary Kennedy, Wendy Miller, Jennifer Summerville, Maree Heffernan and Susan Loh (Nov 08)

DES 72 Adjusting Building Thermostats for Environmental Gains – A Pilot Study
Rosemary Kennedy, Wendy Miller, Jennifer Summerville, Maree Heffernan and Susan Loh (Nov 08)

DES 73 Carbon Emissions from Domestic Appliances
Peter W Newton and Selwyn Tucker (Aug 09)

DES 74 Carbon Emissions from Domestic Built-in Appliances
Peter W Newton and Selwyn Tucker (Nov 09)

DES 75 Carbon Emissions from Domestic Local Energy Generation
Peter W Newton and Selwyn Tucker (Feb 2010)

DES 76 Carbon Emissions from Dwellings - Transitioning to Zero Carbon Housing
 Peter W Newton and Selwyn Tucker (Nov 2009) ABSTRACT

DES 77 Design for Eco-Services - Environmental Services
 Janis Birkeland (Nov 2009)

DES 78 Design for Eco-Services - Building Services
 Janis Birkeland (Nov 2009)
DES 79 Drivers of Energy and Water Efficiency in Commercial Office Buildings
 Paul Bannister (April 2010)

DES 80 The Impact of Veranda on a Single-Sided, Naturally Ventilated Building
M F Mohamed, D Prasad, S King (August 2010)

DES 81 An Introduction to Socially Responsible Planning and Urban Design
Jenny Donovan (September 2010)

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