DES 18

Cohousing and Rethinking the Neighbourhood: The Australian Context

Greg Bamford and Lea Lennon

Cohousing has proven to be a successful and influential housing type. The reasons for its success also highlight the limits of its appeal, however, and some of the obstacles to its more widespread application. There are few cohousing schemes in Australia, not least because of these obstacles. In this paper, a simpler way to cohousing is identified, described as ‘found cohousing’. Cohousing is only one of a variety of ways of achieving the broad aim of more socially and environmentally sustainable neighbourhoods. The paper samples some of these ways in the Australian context, from eco-villages to community development initiatives, and comparisons are drawn with cohousing. This paper is a companion paper to DES 17: Cohousing – An Introduction to a Residential Alternative

NB:  This note contains a glossary at its end.

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cohousing, cohousing for older people, community men’s shed, eco-neighbourhood, eco-village, found cohousing, neighbour, neighbourhood, social housing, supplementary room, Sustainability Street

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