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DES 34

Building Energy Brief for Commercial and Public Buildings

Sustainable Energy Authority
Taylor Oppenheim Architects, Lincolne Scott Australia, Clifton Project Management and Sustainable Solutions

This note, DES 34, originally published in May 2000, was reviewed by David Craven in March 2005. While the content of this note is still relevant, the range of available tools and industry practices have evolved since
the note was originally published. It is likely that the Energy Brief will undergo significant revision in due course.

This Energy Brief is intended to form part of the brief from the client to the project team. It contains a number of clauses that will assist in the design and construction of a more energy efficient non-residential building.
It can be used in its entirety as an Appendix to an existing brief, or be inserted as clauses into an existing brief. It will however require filling in certain sections (particularly Section 1), and deletion of non-relevant
clauses (particularly in Sections 2 to 10).

Most briefs are written to describe the scope of works to be undertaken, the management processes involved and the reporting mechanisms required. These can be organised either according to Project Phase, or
organised according to professional discipline (Introduction, Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic). To accommodate these two organisational methods, the Clauses in this brief are set out both in Project Phase
sequence, as well as a further subdivision into sections of professional discipline.

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