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DES 38

Retrofitting Residential Buildings to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Lindsay Johnston
The University of Newcastle, NSW

This note DES 38, originally published in August 2000, was reviewed by Lindsay Johnston in October 2005.

The information herein is considered contemporary and relevant. Some minor changes have been made to the text to take account of recent developments and the references have been updated and extended.

This note addresses the opportunities presented to clients and designers by retrofitting existing residential buildings to reduce energy consumption and consequential greenhouse gas emissions (GGE). Reconfiguring
existing buildings to meet, or progress towards, best environmental practice requires a comprehensive understanding of design and specification strategies and is, perhaps, more complex than designing new buildings.

The note is structured as a list of prompts, with references to other authoritative notes and key texts. The prompts are grouped under four main headings – Envelope Design and Specification; Equipment and Appliances; Siting and Externals; and Additional Broad Retrofitting Considerations. 

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