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DES 62

Integrated Design Process Incorporating Lighting

Mark B. Luther

This paper provides a step-by-step design and decision making process towards an energy-efficient and user accepted lighting system.  The past few decades have challenged our lighting designs in architecture, questioning whether they are environmentally and ecologically correct.  Are we considering the advantages daylighting can have on the psychophysical and energy performance of our buildings?  Do we even have the proper frame-of-mind to integrate daylighting into our designs?

In a recent review it was stated that: “daylighting is the use of light from the sun and sky to complement or replace electric light".  The author suggests a subtle but extremely important shift from this line of thinking. Are we stating that daylight is possibly here to enhance our electric lighting systems?  Perhaps we might consider, from an existentialist viewpoint that daylight was here first, and so a reversal of the above is more appropriate.  An integrated lighting design might be one which begins with the onerous task of discovering how and where daylight enters our spaces. 

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