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GEN - General Issues

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Full list of General Issues papers

GEN 3 Biodiversity and the Built Environment
Guy Barnett and Richard Lamb (Feb 95, revised Feb 02)

GEN 4 Positive Development: Designing for Net Positive Impacts
Janis Birkeland (Aug 07)

GEN 5 Marketing Ecologically Sustainable Design Skills

David Brown (May 06)

GEN 6 Ecological Waste: Rethinking the Nature of Waste
Janis Birkeland (Aug 07)

GEN 13 Greenhouse Gas Emissions and the Residential Sector

Alan Pears (Feb 07)

GEN 14 The Philosophy and Practice of Water Sensitive Urban Design – Is it Consistent with a Whole System Approach?
Renee Stephens and Cheryl Desha and Charlie Hargrove (Aug 07)

GEN 15 Introduction to Indoor Environment and Health
Mark Donohue (Nov 97, reviewed Nov 02)

GEN 17 Urban Planning for Sustainability
Mathew Ulterino (Feb 98, reviewed Feb 04)

GEN 25 Permaculture - Part A - Introduction and Urban Farming
Jenny Donovan and Peter Cuming (Feb 10)

GEN 26 Permaculture - Part B - Principles and Application
Jenny Donovan and Peter Cuming (Feb 10)

GEN 31 Education for the Next Industrial Revolution – Teaching Resource Efficiency and Effectiveness in Environmental Literacy
Peter Graham (Nov 99, reviewed Nov 04)

GEN 32 Contaminated Land
John Gelder (May 00, reviewed Aug 05)
GEN 33 Users Perceptions of Health and Productivity in Sustainable Buildings
George Baird and Hedda Oosterhoff (Feb 10)

GEN 34 Urban Air Quality
John Todd (Nov 00, reviewed Nov 05)

GEN 35 Protecting Against Solar Ultraviolet Radiation
John Greenwood (Nov 00, reviewed Nov 05)

GEN 37 Land Resource Assessment
Victor Sposito (Feb 01, reviewed Feb 06)

GEN 42 Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) and Sustainable Design

Peter Bycroft and Kirsty McGregor (Feb 02)

GEN 44 Economics of Sustainable Building
Caroline J Mackley (Feb 02)

GEN 45 Urban Development, Accessibility and Transport in Australia – Facing the Sustainable Challenge
Jan Scheurer (May 02)

GEN 46 Changing the Signs: Pedestrian-Friendly Design

Helen Jennings and Bronwen Machin (May 02)

GEN 53 Bushfires and Building – An Introduction
Nigel Bell (May 03)

GEN 54 Understanding Quantification is one Key to Delivering Environmentally Sustainable Assets
Mark Quinn (Aug 03)

GEN 55 Mental Landscapes – The Forgotten Element in Sustainable Design

David Engwicht (Nov 03)

GEN 56 The National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS)

Roger Fay, Robert Vale and Paul Bannister (Feb 04)

GEN 58 Embodied Water of Construction
Graham Treloar, Michael McCormack, Laurence Palmowski and Roger Fay (May 04)

GEN 59 Measuring Site Biodiversity for Sustainable Development
Roger Fay (May 04)

GEN 60 Implementing Energy Efficiency and ESD from a Development Perspective
David Hood (May 04, reviewed Nov 04)

GEN 61 Lighting – Best Practice and Sustainability
David Oppenheim (Aug 04)

GEN 62 Sustainable Communities
Danielle McCartney and John Doggart (Nov 04)

GEN 63 Green Star – A User’s Perspective
Peter James (Nov 04)

GEN 64 Operating a Building for the Next 20 Years

Lex Dewar (Nov 04)

GEN 65 Designing Buildings that Actually Perform
Paul Bannister (Nov 04)

GEN 66 Design for Adaptability – An Introduction to the Principles and Basic Strategies
Peter Graham (Feb 05)

GEN 67 Green Buildings and Productivity
Brian Purdey (Feb 05)

GEN 68 Climate Change and Sustainability

Greame Pearman (Aug 05)

GEN 69 Tourism Architecture in Special Places

Nina Hamilton (Aug 05)

GEN 70 Liveable Communities – How the Commonwealth can Fostering Sustainable Cities and Regions
Marcus Spiller (Nov 05)

GEN 71 Towards Sustainable Urbanism
Evan J Jones (Nov 05)

GEN 72 Planning the Green City
Nicholas Low (Nov 05)

GEN 73 Lend Lease’s Approach to Addressing Sustainability in New Greenfields Urban Communities
Rob Ball, Michael Chapman, Paul Eagles and Guy Gibson (Nov 05)

GEN 74 Balancing Place and Sustainability in Metropolitan Planning
Robert McGauran (Nov 05)

GEN 75 Ecotourism Certification 
Jane Toner (Feb 06)

GEN 76 Electromagnetic Fields in the Built Environment – Design for Minimal Radiation Exposure
Don Maisch, John Podd and Bruce Rapley (Aug 06)

GEN 77 2006 Australia State of the Environment – Human Settlements
Peter W Newton

GEN 78 Building the Scheme to Deliver Sustainable Infrastructure Solutions
David Hood and Glenn Hedges

GEN 79 Impact of Indoor Environment Quality on Occupant Productivity and Wellbeing in Office Buildings

Phillip Paevere

GEN 80 GHG Emission Reduction in Buildings – How Does Emissions Trading Relate?
Alan Pears

GEN 81 GHG Emission Reduction In Buildings – The Need for Further Policy Beyond Emissions Trading
Alan Pears

GEN 83 The Costs of Urban Sprawl - Infrastructure and Transportation
Roman Trubka, Peter Newman, and Darren Bilsborough

GEN 84 The Costs of Urban Sprawl - Predicting Transport Greenhouse Gases from Urban Form Parameters
Roman Trubka, Peter Newman, and Darren Bilsborough

GEN 85 The Costs of Urban Sprawl - Physical Activity Links to Healthcare Costs and Productivity
Roman Trubka, Peter Newman, and Darren Bilsborough

GEN 86 Residential Retrofitting: Current Practice and Emerging Directions – Summary of a BEIIC Report
M Dave, D Prasad (August 2010)


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