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PRO 19

Advanced Glazing Systems in Commercial Buildings

PC Thomas and Leena Thomas

This note PRO 19, originally published in August 1998, was reviewed by PC Thomas and Leena Thomas in June 2003. Considerable advances in the technology and application of glazing systems have been made in the past five years. The paper is now considered out of date and will be republished. In the meantime, please consider the issues below.

This Note is intended for people selecting glazing systems for commercial buildings. Unlike windows for residential buildings, glazing systems for commercial buildings cannot be purchased ‘off the shelf ’. Thus, while the Window Energy Rating System (WERS) can be used to evaluate the energy performance of residential windows in Australia, the energy impact of windows designed for commercial buildings needs to be studied on a case-by-case basis.This Note describes advanced glazing systems, explains critical window energy performance parameters and discusses research results for Australian climates. It also outlines the range of potential benefits offered by these products, discusses barriers to wider penetration of the technology and proposes strategies to analyse the impact of advanced glazing systems in building projects. Some of the material from Note PRO 3 The Energy Impact of Windows in Building Design has been revisited here for the sake of completeness.

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