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PRO 27

Environmentally Improved Office Furniture – A Guide to the Key Issues Including Specification Guidelines

John Gertsakis and Kirsty Máté

EcoDesign and Sustainable Product Development are moving beyond energy efficient whitegoods and water conserving tap ware.  There is now a rapidly growing level of environmental activity among designers and manufacturers of commercial office furniture (e.g. seating, workstations, partitions, storage items and meeting area furniture) in the pursuit of low impact, modular, reconfigurable, recycled and recyclable product. This note describes the major areas of environmental impact associated with key items of office furniture throughout their life cycle.  It highlights related issues, such as indoor air quality, fabric, finishes, timber and veneers.  At a practical level, the note aims to provide a series of strategies, model guidelines and principles that can assist design professionals and specifiers to maximise the environmental performance of commercial office fit-outs.

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