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Notes published from November 2010, in chronological order.
(Earlier notes are filed by category: [TEC] [DES] [NOT] [PRO] [CAS] [GEN])

Biophilic design: an introduction for designers
(EDG 93 RM)
Rory Martin and Stephen Choi (July 2018)

Light pollution      
(EDG 92 JG)
John Gelder (March 2018)

Optimising environmental performance using building performance simulation      
(EDG 91 NP)
Nicki Parker, Paul Bannister, Quentin Jackson, Paul Stoller (October 2017)

Sustainability and Building Information Modelling (BIM) 
(EDG 90 RM)
Rory Martin (August 2017)

Passivhaus: The pathway to low energy buildings in Australasia
(EDG 89 CP)
Clare Parry (May 2017)

Regenerative Development through LENSES with a case study of Seacombe West
(EDG 88 JP)
Josette Plaut, Brian Dunbar, Helene Gotthelf and Dominique Hes (November 2016)

Green roofs for energy efficiency – a simulation study in Australian climates
(EDG 88 AA)
Arjun Adhikari and Warwick Savvas (November 2016)

Enabling play friendly places
(EDG 87 JD)
Jenny Donovan (August 2016)

NCC Section J and Commercial Building Facade Design – 2016 update
(EDG 86 MS)
Michael Shaw (May 2016)

Non-residential building environmental rating tools - A review of the Australian market
(EDG 85 AH)
Ania Hampton and Lauren Clay (March 2016)

A summary of urban assessment tools for application in Australia
(EDG 84 SJ)
Suzette Jackson (February 2016)

Low-energy hot water systems (EDG 83 NH)
Noy Hildebrand (December 2015)

Winning Hearts and Minds: the role of emotion and logic in sustainable design decision making  (EDG 81 GH)
(October 2014)

(August 2014)

(August 2014)

(November 2013)

(October 2013)

(December 2012)

(December 2012)

(December 2012)

Geoff Clark (September 2012)
Jenny Donovan (July 2012)
Dominique Hes (May 2012)
Paul Downton (March 2012)
Robert Crawford (March 2012)
Simon Scally (December 2011)

Paul Downton (December 2011)

(December 2011)

Christhina Candido (September 2011)

Michael Mobbs (September 2011)

Deo Prasad (September 2011)

Mark Snow and Deo Prasad (July 2011)

Adrian Bradbrook (July 2011)

Mick Harris (July 2011)

Paul F Downton (May 2011)

Ania Hampton (May 2011)

Carol Marra (May 2011)

Brett Pollard (February 2011)

Gareth Cole (February 2011)

Gerard Healey (February 2011)

Mark Snow and Deo Prasad (February 2011)

Ania Hampton (November 2010)

Emilis Prelgauskas (November 2010)

Karen Wright (November 2010)

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