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September 2011 | EDG 69 MM

The Armstrong-Mobbs House

Michael Mobbs
The Armstrong-Mobbs Sustainable House is a celebrated case study of sustainable refurbishment of an inner-city terrace house. The owners, Michael Mobbs and Heather Armstrong, went to unprecedented lengths to integrate energy and water saving systems into their Sydney residence. Their aim was not only to minimise their home’s environmental footprint, but to prove that a house that significantly reduces its adverse effects on the physical environment does not have to look unusual or be operated by experts. 

This note was originally published in 1998 as CAS 21. Its authors were Deo Prasad and Jason Veale. Its publication coincided with the publication of the first edition of Michael Mobb’s Sustainable House book. The current version was reviewed by Michael Mobbs in September 2011. It follows the publication of the second edition of Sustainable House and incorporates the learnings from an additional 14 years of operation.

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