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May 2016 | EDG 86 MS

NCC Section J and Commercial Building Facade Design – 2016 update

Michael Shaw

To address the growing contribution to Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions by the commercial building sector, Section J of the National Construction Code (NCC) Volume One codifies minimum glazing thermal performance measures for both facade vision glazing and roof lights. In 2016, the NCC moved to a three year cycle, with the next revision due in May 2019.

The difficulty with Section J is that it fails to explain succinctly to a designer what is meant by a compliant design or what one might look like. This paper attempts to address this failure by presenting a range of strategies and design charts for different climate zones to enable commercial building designers to quickly design innovative, high-performance, NCC-compliant facade concepts.

This note updates EDG 82 BCA Section J and Commercial Building Facade Design to reference the NCC 2016.

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