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November 2016 | EDG 88 AA

Green roofs for energy efficiency – a simulation study in Australian climates

Arjun Adhikari and Warwick Savvas with contributing reviewer Ian Dixon

This paper describes how green roofs influence the energy performance of a hypothetical commercial office building in each of the Australian Building Code Board’s eight climate zones of Australia. It presents a dynamic thermal simulation of the energy performance of green roofs, without insulation, as compared with conventional compliant roofs – both concrete and metal deck. A life cycle cost benefit analysis is provided for the modelled roof types.

Simulations were conducted for a single storey office building with a concrete roof, a metal deck roof and for both types with the addition of extensive (i.e. shallow profile, light weight) green roof coverage.

Keywords: Green roofs, National Construction Code (NCC), thermal performance, modelling 

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