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TEC - Technology 

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Full list of Technology papers

Peter Graham (May 96, revised Nov 02)

TEC 4 Photovoltaic Cells – How they Work
Muriel Watt (Aug 98, reviewed Aug 10)

TEC 6  An Introduction to Ground Source Heat Pumps System

Chris Arkins (Feb 99, reviewed Feb 04)

TEC 7 Operational Energy Minimisation Technologies – An Overview from the Green Building Challenge 1998
David Shipworth (Feb 99)

TEC 9 Electric Lighting – Emerging Technologies – Light Sources and their Intrinsic Control Gear
David Martin (Aug 99, revised May 05)

Nik Booker (Nov 01)

Mark B Luther and Chen Zhendong (Nov 02)

Paul Bannister (May 03)

TEC 14 Identifying and Implementing Energy Efficient Practices and Technologies to Existing Non-Residential Buildings
George Fitzpatrick (Feb 04)

TEC 15 GIS and Remote Sensing for Transport, Land Use, Site Planning and Landscape Planning 
Hemayet Hossain and Elizabeth Morse-McNabb (Feb 04)

TEC 16 Energy Management and Occupant Well-Being through Integrated Lighting Control
Steve Coyne (Aug 04)

TEC 17 Distributed Energy and Power
Martin H Thomas (Feb 05)  

TEC 18 Chilled Ceilings and Beams
Chris Arkins (Feb 05)

TEC 19 How Data Collection can Help in Understanding Buildings in Operation
Peter Dickinson (Aug 05)

TEC 20  Phase Change Materials – Overview  
Phil Sheppard (Aug 2006)

TEC 21 Applying Expert Opinion to Domestic Building Energy Assessment  
Emilis Prelgauskas (May 07)

TEC 22 Indoor Environment Quality, Design, and the Value of Facility Ecology
Vyt Garnys (Aug 07)  

TEC 23 Air Leakage in Buildings – Review of International Literature and Standards
Mark B Luther (Nov 07)

TEC 24 Realising Air Leakage in Australian Housing 
Mark B Luther (Nov 07)

TEC 25 Circulating Fans for Summer and Winter Comfort and Indoor Energy Efficiency
Richard Aynsley (Nov 07)  

TEC 26 Living Walls – A Way to Green the Built Environment
Susan Loh (Aug 08)

TEC 27 Green Roofs – Understanding their Benefits for Australia
Susan Loh (May 09)

TEC 28 Towards Prefabricated Sustainable Housing – An Introduction
Mark B Luther  (Aug 09)

TEC 29 Double Skin Façades – More is Less?
Brett Pollard (Nov 2009)

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