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Electric Lighting – Emerging Technologies – Light Sources and their Intrinsic Control Gear

David J Martin

In striving to protect our natural environment, one of the main challenges we face in designing the built environment, is to convince ourselves to use the latest technologies and accept the added initial costs this may impose.  This note examines some of the recent developments in electric light source technologies that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and outlines how product design, selection and operation can minimise the total costs of owning and operating lighting installations, i.e. the true life cycle costing of the lighting system as a whole.  There are now many lamp and control equipment packages that provide sustainable and desirable outcomes, providing compactness and efficiency, as well as comfortable and most importantly, adjustable seeing conditions.  The lighting produced within the space may well contribute to increased productivity, and better conditions for health and safety.

This note replaces the original TEC 9, Emerging Technologies in Lighting, by Stuart McFarlane published in August 2001.

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