EDG Journal has been expanding since 1995. It currently contains over 300 peer-reviewed papers on every aspect of environmental design for the built environment.

A note on our new filing system

In the past, EDG Journal was printed on paper; journal papers were categorised and came with filing instructions for binding in a folder.

Now that the journal is online, EDG is transitioning to a new filing system. Papers will be optimised for fast online search and retrieval. New papers will not be categorised as they were before (i.e. GEN, TEC etc) – they will simply be coded by issue number and author initials. E.g. EDG 65 AH.

While we manage this transition, older papers will continue to be filed under the old categories (GEN etc). Papers published from November 2010 will be found in ‘Recent Papers’.

Table of Contents

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Recent Papers
Papers published from November 2010.

GEN – General Issues
General background and key themes, including policy documents and overviews.

TEC – Technology
Details of specific technologies.

DES – Design Strategies
Topic-specific strategies and actions to assist designers.

NOT – Notes
Useful aids and references such as glossaries, directories, reports, summit proceedings and general industry resources.

PRO – Products and Materials
Describes various products and materials, their impact on human and environmental health and opportunities for their sustainable use.

CAS – Case Studies
Case studies which explain built projects and in some cases review building performance.