Everything You Need To Know About The Subclass 482 Visa

If you are confused about what the subclass 482 visa is, then this post should give you an understanding of what this visa is all about. And in this post, we will answer the question ” what is a subclass 482 visa” and the various stream available.


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What Is A Subclass 482 Visa?


The employer-nominated or employer-sponsored subclass 482 visa is also referred to as the TSS ( temporal short stream) visa, and it is aimed at allowing Australian employers to fly in highly-skilled overseas workers into Australia. And the program is aimed to help curb any labour shortage issues faced by the employer who cannot source appropriately skilled Australian workers. The subclass 482 visa was made in March 2018, to replace and fill the loopholes of the subclass 457 visa.


Types Of Subclass 482 Visa?


When applying for a subclass 482 visa, the employer has the option of choosing from 3 streams. These include:


  • Short term stream
  • Medium stream
  • Labour agreement stream


Short Term Stream:


With a short term stream, the skilled worker immigrating to Australia is granted a two-year visa. Also, to qualify, the employer or nominee’s company or occupation must be listed on the short term skilled occupation list. Finally, with a short term stream, the worker or employee cannot apply for a permanent residency under this visa.


Medium-Term Stream:


If you are an employer interested in applying for a medium-term list, then your occupation or your company must be listed on the regional occupation list or the medium to long-term list. The skilled-worker immigrating into the country can be granted a visa for up to 4 years. Also, once the employee can apply for a permanent residency after three years under the visa.


With this visa stream, the employees can bring in their family members during the visa application period. Also, the employee can further his or her education, however, the employee won’t be offered any government assistance. Finally, the employee can travel in and out of Australia as many times as they want, given that the visa is valid during that period.


Labour Agreement Stream:


For an employer to file for a labour agreement stream, they need to have a labour agreement. This visa allows the immigrating skill worker to live up to 4 years in Australia. The labour agreement stream has all the features of the medium-term stream.

How To Apply For Subclass 482 Visa:


To apply:


  • An Australian employer has to nominate you.
  • The employee must have at least two years of experience in the relevant field of the nominated occupation.
  • Depending on the job, you may be required to have a skill assessment, which meets the Australian standards.
  • You will work only for your sponsor
  • The nominee has to meet the minimum English proficiency requirement.