what is community management and how it works

Community management is the act of managing a community, people that work together and interact with each other. A community can be virtual or physical. The digital age has led to communities being more prevalent than ever before, and many of the most loyal customers are found in these online communities. Community management works in the following ways;


1.Resolving any problems


This is one of the most important aspects of community management. If your customers are unhappy then they will leave, and this puts you in a downward spiral. This downward spiral is called the death-spiral. If somebody leaves, it costs much more to bring them back than it does to keep them happy in the first place.


2.Retaining a current customer


If a community is built well, these loyal customers can be kept with targeted marketing. Long-term loyalty leads to continued growth and success for the company. However, this cannot always be achieved without strong product development; it is important that your community does not feel ignored or mistreated by the company. A great way to keep customers engaged is to listen to their feedback and respond accordingly.


3.Developing the product


The community will only stay engaged if they feel valued, so companies should always ensure that there is something in it for them as well as for the company.


4.Building trust


Trust is vital to any community, especially an online one. If people do not feel safe they will not interact with each other and this breaks up the community. Transparency is key here; the more honest you are with your members, the more likely you are to gain their respect. Honesty also builds credibility within the community which strengthens the ties members have to one another.


5.Introducing new members


By introducing people to the community, the company can bring in more traffic and extend their reach over a greater audience. Find your core group of loyal customers then target your marketing toward them. If you are happy with the relationship between your business and your community, then you can increase your reach further.


6.Expanding the community’s influence


The aim of any successful business is to increase their market share, and community management can help with this. The more people that are involved in your online community, the more successful it becomes. Having a successful community also enhances the reputation of the company, therefore increasing its image within consumers’ minds.


7.Generating leads


Eight clients Community management solutions is also about generating leads. You can use your community to generate leads that will then be converted into customers and clientele, providing they are engaged with the right marketing efforts. Within an online community, companies should reward people for their contributions such as clicking on a link or watching a video. The above explains what is community management and how it works